It’s the story of our territory, of how wine was farmed and produced in Liguria. Although it grows in a D.O.C. zone, our wine isn’t deliberately certified in order to respect traditions and the professionalism to stick to our principles which are the distinct warranty of our products.

In a vast natural landscape, we rebuilt 80,000 sq m of dry-stone walls, stairs and walkways with local recycled stones.

We realised 25,000 lm of belts surrounded by museums built in the old dwellings. We recovered almost 2,000 Taggiasca olive trees and bedded out 35,000 local grape varieties of the famous Roccese wine. We restored the history of this wine as it was farmed in Liguria since 1200 and named after its peculiar growth between rocks. In this peculiar portion of Liguria grows an immense amphitheatre of spontaneous flowers and officinal herbs. We aim to rediscover old traditions, healthy food and above all an agriculture beneficial to the community by fighting climate changes and by protecting the biodiversity of the area.

Visit our enterprise and find that these are deeds not words. It’s a portion of land brought back to its roots in which today live almost all the animals of the area: butterflies, bees, snails, grass snakes, green lizards, lizards, partridges, hawks, eagles, hares, porcupines, badgers, stone martens, owls and the almost extinguished ocellated lizard.

The vineyard is an immense natural park to preserve and sustain, so when you are drinking a glass of our wine think that you are contributing to save this heritage.

Agriturismo A TRINCEA AIROLE IM - CITR: 008001-AGR-0001